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Ghostbusters: The Video Game {review}

June 16, 2009

Here’s a copy of my latest review for the Omaha City Weekly. I’ll post the link to the site later after it’s up.

You just know they’re going to cross the streams

Fighting Stay Puft

Fighting Stay Puft

This is the Ghostbusters game fans across the world have been waiting for. It is as close to a true successor to the original films as could be hoped, and the paragon of how to turn a successful movie franchise into a great video game.

Children of the 80s will want to play this game. While it still does not hold a candle to the movies, the plot is so entrenched in their mythology that it feels like an organic growth of the franchise.

I was one of those kids who was a Ghostbuster for Halloween. I had all the toys… literally, ALL the toys. I had all the lines memorized. I watched the cartoon. Suffice it to say I had high expectations for this game. I am happy to announce it has met them all. (more…)


The gaming gods must hate me

February 23, 2009

First Gamefly, now Microsoft. After a generally enjoyable experience with Gamefly–where I got my first game within three days of signing up–It took ten full days from the second I dropped my first game into the mailbox and receiving the next. As if I haven’t waited long enough, my Xbox went ahead and gave me the red ring of death the day before I received my long-awaited rental.



Since signing up I have spent a third of my time playing rented games and 66% of the time waiting for a game to be delivered. (more…)

Tragedy averted

February 9, 2009

The red ring of death wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It amounted to about a week relegated to crappy PC gaming. Surprisingly, what I missed the most while my Xbox was out of commission was (more…)


January 19, 2009

My Xbox 360 putted out this weekend. It began by freezing while I was watching a DVD. After I reset it, it froze again, this time quicker. Finally it froze during the loading screen, then it gave me an error message written in a bunch of different languages with an E79 error code. After taking off the hard drive, it gave me an E71 code. The bottom right quarter of the ring is flashing red.
Now nothing at all pops up on the screen and only sometimes is the ring of light flashing red.
Just one day earlier I was telling my friend, whose Xbox was at the doctor, how I never had any problems with mine… I must have jinxed myself.
So in the meantime… Anybody know of any good PC games that would run on a 3 year old laptop?