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NCAA Football 10 has substantive improvements to trusted formula {review}

July 13, 2009

Here’s another sneak peak of my review for the Omaha City Weekly this week:

Budgets are tight, and this game comes out every year. You need to know if it’s worth it to drop the dough on the newest iteration.

Bottom line: yes it is. There’s so many improvements this year that I’m having a hard time squeezing them all in to this review. NCAA Football 10 has many substantive enhancements to both the on-the-field action and new gameplay modes.

Huskers 1

On the field, you will find an additional layer of strategy with the game planning feature. It has 11 offensive and defensive keys where you can set your players to react aggressively or conservatively. For example, if you tell your defense to focus on stripping the ball, you will create more fumbles at the expense of more facemask penalties. Telling your offensive line to hold their blocks longer will give you more time in the pocket and potentially more holding calls.

Certain offensive plays are linked together, allowing you to run one play to set up the other. Once a play is 100 percent set up, the defense is more likely to bite on the play action and you’re more likely to bust a large gain. (more…)