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What’s ailing the gaming industry?

February 18, 2009

This article got me thinking. In a well-thought out piece GamerSushi writer Eddy points out five aspects in the gaming industry he feels are tearing the gaming community apart.

These five points are reviews, prices, hype, copycat games and fanboys.


It has been said before, and it is worth repeating: the review system for video games is currently broken. When did a 7 or an 8 become a mediocre score? At what point did this become the “fail” point for most gamers?

When a new game cost $60 plus tax reviews are going to play a major role in consumer purchase decisions. Reviews are a major leg in my game-buying stool (the others being demos, developer reputation and gameplay videos). I can’t afford to spend my game budget on a sub-par game. (more…)