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Only sexual predators use Animal Crossing

March 17, 2009

I’ve never been a fan of local television news. Mostly because they make you wait through commercials before they answer questions they pose, such as, “Can your refrigerator be killing you?” Come on! Tell me now, I was just visit accused death trap for some life-sustaining food! Am I making a mistake!

But I digress. In another bout of outlandish sensationalism a Columbia, Missouri news program has  Nintendo in its crosshairs. Their threat this time is their second favorite behind the threat of death… the threat of sexual predators.

KMIZ is reporting claims by the obviously uninformed Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force that Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Wii is being used by sexual predators to target children.

What makes it obvious that neither the reporters or the cops have played the game is quotes like this: (more…)


Taxing violent video games

March 11, 2009

Yet again lawmakers are attempting to censor video games in ways that directly infringe on First Amendment rights and would not fly in other media.

Now it’s Pennsylvania and our British friends on the other side of the pond who are considering such legislation.

Pennsylvania took the first steps in this direction in 2007 by setting up a task force to study video game violence and potential legislation to address it. The task force released a report in December 2008 that recomended the state NOT pursue any censorship or legislation.

The Children & Youth Committee of the Pennsylvania House held a hearing to explore the issue this week. Game Politics extensively covered the hearing. It appears that some of the representatives were a little irked that the task force didn’t simply confirm their preudices and give them a green light to do what they will.

Violent video games were implied to have a causation with police shootings. The fact that the military sometimes uses games to train officers was mentioned (although military-grade games a specifically designed for that purpose). One rep even suggested a 5 percent tax on violent video games. (more…)

Cartoon on video games & libraries

March 1, 2009

Cartoonist Neal Obermeyer has released a cartoon on the Nebraska Auditor’s Office’s video-game-related accusations against the Nebraska Library Commission, a topic I covered several days ago.

Check out Neal’s latest cartoon here.

Lawmakers send mixed messages with game studio tax incentives & restrictions

February 28, 2009

Here’s a mighty strong sign that video games are gradually shedding their stigma as a bad influence and a childish pastime.


Several states have enacted tax incentives to lure game developers to locate in their states. At the same time some, like Texas, are trying to put preconditions on these incentives, saying they only apply to companies that don’t release Mature-rated games.