Cornfed Links

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite gaming-related Web sites:

Kotaku – Hands down the best site. Anything that is relavent in the world of gaming is picked up by these guys.

News For Gamers – A social site where contributors suggest stories the collective buzz brings the top stories of the day to the front.

Game Grep – Another social site with a similar idea. Of the Neoseeker family.

Game Politics – A site that covers the intersection of gaming and politics.

Games Radar – Great articles and features and, my favorite, the Top Seven lists.

The Escapist – And more specifically, Zero Punctuation. Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw is my favorite reviewer. Very harsh critic, but hilarious.

Old Wizard – A group of older gamers with a penchant for Top __ lists.

And here’s some non-gaming sites I enjoy, just to mix it up.

First Amendment Center – My favorite amendment. Thank you Founding Fathers!

I Heart Chaos – I don’t know, I just love this site.

Nealo – A Nebraska-based political cartoonist.

Doomkopf – All things comics!

Fail Blog – Gots to have me my daily Fail Blog!

Ars Technica – Technology news, with some gaming news as well.

Wired – Technology and gadgetry.

Webcomics Explosm and xkcd.


One Response to “Cornfed Links”

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