About the Cornfed Gamer

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Basically my motivation behind this site is to give myself a place where I can give my take on video games and their increasingly prevalent cultural status.

I was baptized into the video game world by Super Mario Brothers in the 8-bit era. I remember going to the rental store as a child to rent a NES for the weekend. I honed skills on educational games in the computer lab in elementary school… you may remember The Oregon Trail and Number Munchers.

Before our generation, the Millennials, video games were largely thought of as a child’s toy, something to be left behind with age like a GI Joe doll and Saturday morning cartoons. They are still thought of that way by a ever smaller number of people.

But something changed… or didn’t. We didn’t stop playing games as we aged. The medium has evolved with technology, allowing for more engaging, sophisticated and visually amazing games.

Today the average age of a gamer is 35, according to the Entertainment Software Association. Video game hardware and software sales in the United States grew by nearly 19 percent from 2007 to 2008, reaching $21.33 billion.

Games are becoming more accessible to non-traditional players, exemplified by the success of the Nintendo Wii. Gamers are no longer tied to their television sets or PC monitors, but playing games on portable devices and cell phones. Tools like Flash are allowing budding programers to develop games for the Internet that can explore political and social issues, such as Raid Gaza, PETA’s Cooking Mama satire and the McDonalds videogame.

The emergence of a new media is always met with controversy and attempted censorship. Some will damn sexual content in games–games intended for adult audiences. Others take issue with violence in video games, blaming them for violence in the real world… an age old argument also applied to television and the film industry.

Based out of Omaha, I am far removed from the circles of game developers and gaming journalism. I am not here to pimp certain games or systems. I am not here to provide screen shots of the newest games or talk about what is hot in Japan.

I am here just to share my views on my favorite hobby with anyone who will listen. So enjoy. Return often and subscribe to my RSS feed!


One Response to “About the Cornfed Gamer”

  1. Andrew Says:

    This Just In . . . . Huge nerd wastes life playing and then blogging about video games.
    Just kidding man. Nice blog, now go get some exercise.
    Later Skater

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