Game covers aint what they used to be

The Atari 2600 was a little bit before my time, but I remember some of the covers from old Intellivision games as if through the haze of a dream.

In this interesting post, Brilliam dissects and compares some old game art to that of modern games. While the modern games have more bells and whistles, the older covers are more intriguing. They make you curious about a game the way today’s covers don’t.

Plus, game titles have come a long way to mundaneness too. The Earth Dies Screaming? That’s an AWESOME title.

Check it out here: » Blog Archive » The Stunning Art & Design of the Atari 2600.


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5 Responses to “Game covers aint what they used to be”

  1. Mango ManAK Says:

    Thank you bringing this to my attention. I have never seen any box art for pre Nintendo 64 games. It’s really cool to see how game boxes have changed over the years.

    • cornfedgamer Says:

      No problem. Yeah, they certainly have changed a lot. Back in the olden days the cover art was the main way to market these games because the graphics were so horrible.

  2. Jim Bradford Says:

    The Earth Dies Screaming is not only the best title for any game ever, but it also is the greatest combination of words ever put together by human thought.

  3. cornfedgamer Says:

    Haha. Right on! After a quick google search, I found that The Earth Dies Screaming was a 1960s British science fiction movie. The game was apparently a space shooter loosely inspired by the film. If you ask me, I think that’s a franchise worthy of a reboot just so they can put that title on a video game again!

    From Wikipedia:
    “As the film opens, people all over Britain are mysteriously collapsing, apparently dead: Trains careen off their rails; cars crash into walls; commuters drop to the ground where they stand.

    Later, a test pilot (Parker) seeks cover in a village pub, having survived the “attack”. Gradually six other survivors congregate in the pub, all puzzled by the deaths, and initially at a loss as to why they are the few still alive. It transpires that they were all cut off from outside air at the time of the deaths: The pilot was flying; a young couple were hiding in an air-raid shelter; another woman was sick in a hospital inside an oxygen tent. They conclude it must have been a gas attack from a foreign enemy.

    However, when military help appears to arrive, it is soon clear that all is not as it seems. The spacesuit-clad visitors they assume have come to help them are in fact alien visitors, and the survivors must be quick to defeat them and save themselves.”

  4. Jim Bradford Says:

    I need to see this movie!

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