Tattered economy has to be good for Gamefly

Because saving money was the No. 1 reason I signed up for the mail rental service.

So I signed up for Gamefly last Wednesday night. By Saturday my first rental had made the 765-mile journey from Austin to Omaha, just in time for the weekend.

Before I have been operating under a one-game-per-month budget. That worked out to about $60 per month spent on my gaming hobby. I also rarely go back to replay my old games. If I do replay a game it’s usually months to a year later.

Gamefly has a plan where you can have one game out at a time for around $16 per month. I figure I can play two games a month and pay 13% of what it would cost to buy the same two games.

So give me a little while to use the service and I’ll let you know more about it’s reliability and value.



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