Tragedy averted

The red ring of death wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It amounted to about a week relegated to crappy PC gaming. Surprisingly, what I missed the most while my Xbox was out of commission was streaming Netflix movies.

I found a guy through craigslist to fix it right up for $30, only took him 90 minutes. And I’m lucky I found him because there were only four postings on Craigslist in Omaha for this, and three of them never responded to my e-mail.

But I didn’t have to ship it away, which was nice. I couldn’t have shipped it if I wanted to because the previous owner of my Xbox had already registered the serial number when it broke while he owned it. And even if he hadn’t I was past the three-year warranty by about 42 days.

I was told by the guy who fixed my machine that 100% of Xboxes will eventually get the red ring of death, caused because it gets too hot and cooks the insides, or something technical like that.

So if anybody in the Omaha area need an Xbox worked on, hit me up… I got a guy.


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