My Xbox 360 putted out this weekend. It began by freezing while I was watching a DVD. After I reset it, it froze again, this time quicker. Finally it froze during the loading screen, then it gave me an error message written in a bunch of different languages with an E79 error code. After taking off the hard drive, it gave me an E71 code. The bottom right quarter of the ring is flashing red.
Now nothing at all pops up on the screen and only sometimes is the ring of light flashing red.
Just one day earlier I was telling my friend, whose Xbox was at the doctor, how I never had any problems with mine… I must have jinxed myself.
So in the meantime… Anybody know of any good PC games that would run on a 3 year old laptop?


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3 Responses to “OH NO!”

  1. jayrangi Says:

    fuck that

  2. Savvy Says:

    Play with your Wii.

    Or your wee.

  3. cornfedgamer Says:

    The problem there is a couple of months ago my damn dog chewed through the Wii power cable. I guess you can take the fact that I still haven’t gotten around to getting a new one a testament to the Wii’s game library.

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